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Security and privacy issues involved in GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an all-weather, space-based navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense to meet the continuous and accurate determination of three users of military users located anywhere in the world or in near-Earth space. Location and three sports and time needs. wireless auto gps tracker It is a medium distance circular orbit satellite navigation system. But today we only talk about its civilian application field. The main purpose of the GPS tracker for civilian application goods is to send GPS coordinates of the location of the tracking device or individual, and then the GPS tracker automatically, periodically collects data connections or text messages. Data and send it to a remote server over a cellular network.

When we tested multiple tracker solutions, we observed that the manufacturers of these devices have added additional intelligence. In this way, these devices not only have simple GPS functions, but are full-featured monitoring devices with motion or noise detectors, microphones, cameras and additional wireless interfaces.

The configuration of these devices is implemented through a proprietary protocol on the text message. Before using such devices, the user must configure a set of parameters, such as the remote server IP address and the identification and authentication credentials, in order to upload the collected data to Cloud infrastructure.

From a security and privacy perspective, an attacker can launch a targeted attack if they can obtain the phone number of the SIM card set by these trackers.

GPS tracker information is stored in multiple cloud management systems, but the attacker is not only interested in the cloud management infrastructure, but also accesses advanced features such as microphones via mobile network positioning GPS tracking devices (such as the SMS configuration interface). Or stop the engine (the features in some GPS trackers provide remote access to the car engine).

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