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Newest Device- 4G gps tracker

In the aftermarket of vehicle, 2G gps tracker and 3g gps tracker can be accessed by us.But 4g gps tracker is less than 2G&3G gps trakcer in the market. With the developing of network, GPS tracker  has also undergone innovation. 4G network technology is applied into the GPS tracker series which meets customers’s demand.

Our company, shenzhen LHYK Communication Technology Co., Ltd, devotes its time energy to research ,manufacture M2M product for vehicle to increase  driving security. Therfore, 4G gps tracker is what our company give all customers.

The introduction of 4g gps tracker

  1. Parameters

Network:   LTE/GSM

Frequency: LTE B1,2,3,4,5,8,18,19,26,39

                  GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Operating voltage: 10-80V

Location accuracy: 5 meters

Weight: 56g

Size: 90*44*15mm

CHIP: Qualcomm

Operating temperature:  -20℃~+55℃


LK950 4G GPS tracker supports LTE-CATM1/EMC.So the device can be used for all lover the world. With Qualcomm

The functions of LK950 4g GPS tracker

  1. real-time tracking

The tracking routes are Continuous and real-time. So the user can check the location in the paltfrom all the time.

  1. Over-speed alarm

Detecting car speed makes the device be able to remind the drvier drives at safe speed. Once the speed of car deyonds fixed value, the notification will be sent to the user phone via APP&SMS. In that way, the rate of accidents will be decreased.

  1. Remotely shut up car engine

  Remotely shutting up car engine means that the car will be stopped via GPS tracker once the car is stolen.

  1. SOS emergency button

When the user is in danger, press SOS button to ask for help to the colleage or families.

  1. Move alarm

This function is used to prevent a car from being stolen. After you set a fixed distance , the device will notify the user once the car drive faster than that fixed value.

  1. Compatible APP for android & IOS system

The user can check the loaction or trace via android, Apple phone or iPad at any time.

  1. Waterproof IP65 and Dustproof

The device can be used in rainy day .Don’t worry about that it will break down.

Those are mian functions of LK950. Once you have any demand on LTE 4G gps tracker, welcome to contact us. We are here for you all the time.

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