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Good gift to New Driver

Helping your favorite new driver upgrade their car can also make for a thoughtful gift.



For a new driver, what he/she worries about is not the front of the car, but the rear of the car. Because it has a camera to help the new driver to take care of the rear of the car.




A wireless car backup camera can make driving an easier, safer and more comfortable experience. This easy-to-install device features a 170-degree wide angle lens, which is 30-degrees wider than the traditional 140-degree camera, so it takes the worry out of backing up and provides any driver with safer riding experience. Plus, it's four times clearer than standard cameras, Whenever it is night or day, the driver can see the picture very clearly via smartphone.  With Wireless car backup camera, you needn't install any screen, just need a smartphone to check all video and picture. And when the new driver braker accidently, the device will shine to remind the following car.






Life is the most valued in the world, everyone should improve the sense of safety, especially new driver. Let all new driver drive safely all the time.


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