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GPS vehicle tracker function introduction

1, 3G auto gps tracker driving data full record

● Recording interval is 5 seconds - 65535 seconds can be adjusted, the default is 30 seconds.

● Recorded parameters include: speed, position, driving direction, alarm status

2, speed management

● Overspeed alarm: exceeds the specified safe speed alarm.

● Alarm report: All vehicle alarm records are automatically generated.

3, fatigue driving alarm

●Automatic alarm: After setting the fatigue driving time, the GPS will automatically alarm.

● Shift monitoring: The dual-driver super-long-distance bus uses the camera to identify whether the driver changes the shift.


4, parking management

● Parking timeout alarm: The vehicle has an unexpectedly long parking time alarm.

● Idle timeout alarm: The idle time of the vehicle is too long to alarm.

●Illegal ignition report alarm: vehicle penalty after driving stop

5, text scheduling

● Implementing the dispatching text information display by the center by installing a display screen

● Drivers can upload simple text messages

6, driving range management

● Area alarm: The vehicle will alarm after the vehicle exceeds the specified driving range.

● Alarm report: All vehicle alarm records are automatically generated.

7, manual navigation

● When the driver gets lost, the monitoring center duty personnel use the electronic map platform to broadcast a certain navigation aid to the driver by telephone or voice.

8, tamper protection

● Power failure alarm: After the GPS is cut off, the power failure alarm is uploaded.

● Backup battery: The device can work continuously for 5 hours after power off.

9, voice broadcast

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