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GPS development in the automotive industry

GPS global positioning system is a new satellite positioning system developed by modern society. It mainly uses the ground GPS receiver to accept 24 satellite signals distributed over the earth, thus realizing real-time, reliable and effective three-dimensional position and Time and other information needed. The emergence and maturity of this technology has brought great convenience to people's lives, especially in the application of car navigation, which has made people's travel more convenient and improved the quality of life. Therefore, strengthening the understanding and research of this technology and exerting its greatest function in the automotive industry can effectively improve the current situation of traffic congestion and promote the further development of the automotive industry.

 The basic principle of GPS global positioning technology is to determine the exact position of an object under the premise of using ranging. In the use of this technology, the main factors involved are pseudorange measurement, navigation algorithm, positioning calculation and optimal navigation star selection algorithm. That is to say, the specific location of any place on the ground can be found by scientific calculation of the computer under the premise of signals from aerial GPS satellites. Among them, the information sent by the GPS satellite to the ground mainly includes the information of the radio wave transmission time and the information of the track position, and according to the time when these signals are transmitted to the ground receiver, the actual distance between the two can be effectively calculated. Above the earth, there are mainly at least four satellites that send corresponding information to the earth. If you want to calculate the exact location of any place on the earth, you only need to use the information provided by the four satellites to make a scientific Judge.

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