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Can the car GPS tracking tracker be positioned by the cut power cord?

The problem is that the customer asked the customer service lady when she visited the company's official website a few days ago. He is the purchasing staff of the car loan company, and is ready to purchase a batch of car GPS trackers, which seems to be a newbie. (Cough, don't ask Xiaobian how do I know. I didn't say if I asked, hehe.
After all, as a car loan company, pre-controlling risks or recovering money-sending vehicles afterwards is the key to ensuring that the company's assets are not lost. That small series will not circle today, and directly enter the theme.

What is the most afraid of car loan companies? Escape the loan? Do not! It is afraid that the criminals will dismantle the GPS positioning tracker. Escape the loan is fine, as long as there is a GPS location tracker, then the criminals can't escape the "my palm" and can recover the loss. That is the most important thing for the company to buy a suitable car loan GPS location tracker!



In fact, the car GPS positioning tracker can not perform positioning work when it encounters the trimming line, depending on whether the positioner itself has a built-in backup battery. Now the car gps positioning system has many brands and models, and the functions are not the same. There are also a lot of ads with built-in battery locators. In fact, Xiaobian wants to say that people have taken you apart. Are you still positioning, is it useful? is that useful? At most, you will find the "discovery site"! So how do you recover the money-losing vehicle?

Use wired GPS + wireless GPS combination to install, if it is really not safe to install a few wireless GPS locators (small editor recommended Zhizhi Sitron GPS locator), after all, the criminals have removed a group of GPS, certainly Will relax. Moreover, the wireless GPS installation location is much more optional than wired GPS, and the wireless GPS locator is timed to upload data. When the wireless GPS location tracker is not working, even the professional GPS detector can not detect the GPS signal.

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